Portabliss: PSP Mini Mission Impossible

Have you ever imagined downloading a game and playing it right in your hand? If yes, it’s no more a fantasy because finding a game to download play in your handheld device has become so easy one could ever think of. There internet sure has a lot of stuff to deal with it. But how is the ultimate question? How would you ever make your choice when there are loads of stuff on the internet and you are totally unsure of what to download and where to download them from?

To aid this and more, we provide you the right sort of guidance on choosing the handheld game of the week through the Portabliss portal. Be it an iPad, iPhone, PSP device, Andriod phone, tab or more, we bring to front the most popular game of the day. With that info in hand, you are left with the convenience of making your choice and thus do not have to grope around in finding the right game to sport with.

This day, we feature the Impossible Game for you to play with. Truly impossible for me to play, I just stick myself to this game for the sheer instinct I would have to place in making the success really happen, and when will that happen, I don’t know for sure!

This game, I should say, is one mode of strategy and focus. How can you concentrate and set your focus hard hitting on the game is very important and all the more important it is to make the final big hit. You are the little square that requires jumping over obstacles and hitting platforms every time. One miss and you are done. Start from the scratch! Aww… that is terrible and it makes me more terrible to keep trying it over and over again.

I can say that mere understanding how to play the game is never going to help you at all. The trick is all the more difficult and mind cracking when you need to pour all your focus at a single go. Besides all that, what keeps me ticking is the music that accompanies along the game and keeps me viable for the next try.


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