FIFA 12 Review PSP

Last Fifa 11 made a big impact as the gameplay was significantly tweaked. But as an annual iteration they aim to improve every year, so Fifa has be returned with the title Fifa 12 with not big but little but worthwhile changes.

The rumors we heard regarding precision dribbling, new physics engine and tactical defending were actually not rumors and EA really meant it. These features really pushes game to the next level, making the already strong gameplay even stronger.

The tactical defending really opens a new dynamic into the game and the first thing that the veteran players will feel troublesome is this feature. In the old “pressurize” system of defense player used to merge or gather automatically to put pressure on the opponent but now you really have to engage with the opponent, making it more realistic. Tactical defending is a little complicated stuff, now you require more skill to obtain the possession. Using the features called jockey and cotain and using them properly leads to the obstruction of the other team’s movement, leading to mistakes. As said earlier it is more engaging and you have to work more when you are carrying the ball.

Same goes for tackling; this feature has been tweaked as well. While it was the first thing to do in previous game to get the possession back quickly, tackling in Fifa 12 means the last resort. You have to time this feature now or otherwise face the consequences, try to regain the possession without using tackling or use it in dire situation.

For those who cannot change their gamestyle, they can switch between the tactical defending and pressure system. But once you get along with the new defending system you will not change back because it renders more skills and fluent and realistic approach.

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