Top 10 PSP Racing Games Of All Time

1) Isao Nakamura really outdid himself with the original Ridge Racer game, which includes two courses from the arcade-only game Rave Racer. These courses were previously not available outside of the arcade. As one might expect from a game like this, the music really rocks and received its own release. The game also features tracks from the original Ridge Racer as well as Ridge Racer Revolution, and is a well-rounded pocket racing game that packs a punch.

2) When Sumo Digital developed Race Driver 2006, they had promised that the game would be a PSP port of the Race Driver 2 console game. What fans got was essentially more than one game, though. Race Driver 2006 packs fifteen different sports into one unit. The ice racing and rally cross modes are particularly challenging, though most speed demons will want to dive head first into the street racing set. The inclusion of classic cars is a real deal maker, and the program can even support up to 21 cars racing on a track at the same time.

3) Who says that a good racing game has to be realistic? Certainly not the developers of Wipeout Pulse, who took the futuristic hovercraft racing from the Wipeout series and shrunk it down to hand held size. The game survived the transition well, and players will feel thrilled to work through the FX400 Anti-Gravity Racing League in the year 2207. Some of the tracks in this version allow for racers to magnetically lock onto the roadway and run through some huge loops. Instead of racing for trophies, players have to work hard to gain access to various grids as rewards.

4) Ridge Racer 2 takes the arcade racing of its predecessor back onto the PSP, and might be considered right up there with it. However, it unfortunately wasn't offered in every region of the world. That doesn't mean that it can't be appreciated for the great drifting action that the series focuses on. In fact, it probably handles oversteering a shade better than the following PSP game in the series.

5) If you like to rock out to the Ridge Racing series, one play through of the Earache: Extreme Metal Racing will have you head banging. The game carries the name of the British Earache Records label, and features music from bands signed to the game. As might be expected of a game like this one, there are a number of extra modes that are actually more fun than the regular racetracks. The opposition will get crushed in a Death Race, but the Death Match really brings combat to the forefront. This is a free for all that throws racing out of the window and focuses on fighting coupled with competitive action. Of course, for purists there is a three race challenge mode as well as time trials. For those who aren't racing purists, there is the Zombie Massacre mini-game.

6) As with some of the other titles, Asphalt: Urban GT 2 had an interesting release history. It actually had a version developed for mobile phones, but it clearly can't do all of the things that the dynamic PSP version can. The game can be called a spiritual successor of Need For Speed in many ways, and is probably one of the more classic games that fit into the genre on this device. Players should pay special attention to the wanted meter, which really seems to be a throw back to the Grand Theft Auto series.

7) Ford Bold Moves Street Racing is also sometimes identified by the name used for PC and Xbox versions of the game: Ford Street Racing. Regardless of what name is used, the game features quite a few Ford models that aficionados of the marquee should enjoy. The F-150, GT90, Mustang and Probe tear it up in this game from Razorworks, which also features some tuner vehicles.

8) ATV Offroad Fury: Blazin' Trails has an interesting history. More than half of all the sales of this title were made through the PSP Bundle Pack. Considering the interest in powersports among even the general population, one might have thought that there would be a real rash of titles in the genre to please fans. However, this game packs plenty of off road fun for anyone who wants to shred the dirt.

9) It might seem weird to admit that a game like the PSP port of ModNation Racers can even be taken seriously, and it was compared to LitteBigPlanet. It focuses heavily on customization, and the art style is quite strange. That shouldn't detract from the fact that this wacky game has a lot of heart and is a blast to play. It also marks one of the few points in video game history where a racing game had a decent story design.

10) Even if it doesn't have a marquee that most gamers would want to be associated with, the Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racing! game actually features thirty vehicles and competitive weapons that call to mind the kart racers that used to be so popular on console units. There are actually a pretty decent number of tricks to accomplish in the game as well.


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