Captain America: Super Soldier Review

In war the best thing a soldier can have as supplies would be his guns and ammunitions but that is not the case when you are super human, in Captain America: Super Soldier all you need is a shield and you are good to go on a battle head on. But that shield is no ordinary shield, abilities like boomerang it faithfully returns to its master after smashing someone’s face from 20 yards. Also withstanding the bullets that are shot at you, a complete indestructible shield. But it is the combat system of the Super Soldier that really pushes the game. Sadly the other features of the game do not stand out much such as weak storyline and low visuals but still Captain America delivers enough to give an enjoyable experience.

Usually it is hard to believe in mythical creatures until you are punched by it in the face and Captain America surely delivers it, making the Red Skull, Captain America’s archenemy, really pissed. So Red Skull has come up with a plan to fight fire with fire by making his own army of chemically enhanced super soldiers in layer or fortress. Seemingly the story looks somewhat good but the flat proceedings of the events and banal delivery of lines and unclean visuals sucks all the enthusiasm from the war.

But the combat system of the game really recolors the game, which bears a lot resemblance to that of Batman: Arkham Asylum. It is all about the timing and agility, before dropping any assault enemies flash, in that by hitting the right button you can evade their attack or perform a counter attack. Crashing the enemies with the fists full of patriotism while also jumping and leaping around the battlefield and launching attacks on foes with speed gives you a intrinsic satisfaction.


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    Because I'm sure you know that Captain America game for PSP was canceled and does not exist.

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