Will PS Vita Titles Be Cheaper Than PSP Titles?

In the world of sophisticated gaming, Sony is a leader. Sony’s Play Station has been the favorite for several generations and this company is not about to lose its edge. The Play Station Vita has announced twenty-six launch titles for its debut in Japan, December 2011. There are more than eighty more titles in the developmental stage at present time. These Japanese gaming-industry giants are making a point to have all the right games (and their titles) in place. Their hope is to beat Nintendo as the competitor.

The question is though, will the expected high price tag of these games be worth it. It is unclear as to when the games will be available to buy. Also unclear is whether or not the titles will be available outside of Japan. So far, the only clear information is the title of the games and their logos. Some of the more popular titles is the remake of Final Fantasy X HD, Street Fighter vs. Tekken, and Metal Gear Solid HD.

Sony has been careful to not mention pricing, even though it is expected to be on the higher end for the PS Vita titles. However, retailers expect the PS Vita titles to be cheaper than the PSP titles. Their reasoning goes as follows: when considering the exchange rate of the Japanese yen to that of the dollar, the British pound or the euro, the price for buying the new PS Vita titles in Japan might actually work out to be lower than buying the PSP titles in the in these other countries. In addition, the latest and greatest game always starts out priced high but quickly falls to a moderate range as demand decreases. This is the only speculation one can make considering it is not certain that these games will be available outside of Japan.

Chances are good that with the present gloomy condition of the Japanese market (natural disasters are largely to blame), Sony will take full advantage of its marketability and launch these games into the rest of the eagerly-awaiting world. It is also quite likely that once those games make it to the west, retailers will become hyper competitive and slash prices as low as possible. Serious gamers are waiting with their cash in hand.


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