Is Sony's PS Vita Launching Price Fair?

The question that has every one talking is: Is the launching price of the PS Vita a fair price? And the answer would have to be ,yes it is. Consider what the new hand held PS Vita has to offer and compare it to the others that it is replacing. While the new PS Vita may seem expensive it reality it is priced very low. Other hand held game consoles have sold for the same price in the very beginning and some were even a bit more expensive.

When you take the PS Vita and do some side by side comparisons you will see a lot of upgrades in the Vita, much better graphics, much better sound, and right around 512mb of ram and 128 of vram. So while it might be considered pricey it is well worth it. The only difference in the price would be the higher amount that the you will have to pay for the console that is made for WI-FI only. This one will be slightly more expensive, but not by to much. This hand held console is not going to be released until right around December of 2012 at least in Japan.

If you are considering this new PS console then you are not going to be disappointed what so ever, it even comes with a GPS built in to it. This little hand held PS Vita will take the world by storm and every one will be standing in line so that they will be sure to be among the first to purchase this new console. Other PlayStation consoles have came and gone with the years, but when thinking back, not one of these were much cheaper to purchase when they were first released to the public. And even now if you want the top of the line PS consoles you will be paying top dollar. In comparison to other hand held consoles, this new one is worht every penny that Sony will be asking for.


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