Check Out for great funny photos

Do you like to laugh? I think most of us do like to laugh once in a while. I mean, you would not want to be serious all the time because if you are then, everyone you know will try to avoid you. (unless you are rich, and generous... lol). right?  Funny is attractive. period!

Is laughing healthy? Certainly! laughter is probably good food for the soul. Laughter will rid of stress, pain, or other bad vibes. It is contagious in a good way. Surely it is more attractive than always being mad or just plain serious. There should always be a time in your daily routine to seek for something amusing, funny joke, entertaining thought, or anything similar that will let you forget your troubles in life, even if its just for a moment. is a site dedicated to bright up your life with funny photos, videos & pictures.  Now, this site is the source to getting your daily dose of humor.  Not only funny, but what I also got interested in was the pictures they have of super sexy girls.  They also have shocking pics you won't believe your eyes.  Please give them a visit; you will not be disappointed.  I guarantee you will find something that will put a smile on your face.  haha! :)


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