Best PSP - The Story Behind The Latest PS Vita

Everyone knows that the world of gaming consoles was never the same when something appeared on the main scene. This was because of the first ever PlayStation console for the hard-core gamers and players. Then, it became a big sensation and inspired other gaming consoles. The makers behind this revolutionary device also launched a portable and handy version of the same thing. This was the first ever PSP or the PlayStation Portable gaming console. It was designated by the geeks as PSP 1000 and made gaming more versatile and even comfortable for those, who were the PlayStation fans as well. But it all had to change.

It has been more than 5 years since the launch of the first ever portable console from Sony. How much has changed since then? The makers of the PSP 1000 had put in a number of special feature which was useful for playing a number of games and also connecting it with other platforms. But with time, some major setbacks were found in this pioneering effort. So, the same makers decided to launch the new and sleeker PSP 2000 model. The PSP 2000 was also called as the second version of the PSP and it proved to be a big improvement on the features of the original PlayStation Portable gaming console.

But there was one thing that people had always complained about. This was that both the models were not so light and easy to use. So, this compelled Sony to manufacture the much lighter and more handy PSP Slim And Lite. At a much lesser body weight and size, there were some rather innovative features. One was that this was one of the earliest gaming consoles to have a USB connectivity. Also, you can play the games on a number of diverse television platforms. The year of 2007 was actually the heyday of USB devices and connection features. So, the USB connectivity made the whole Slim And Lite even more efficient than ever.

Sony’s gadgets are often lauded for their stylish and slick functioning but everyone would agree on one problem with them. This is that Sony devices are seldom user-friendly. People, who use the PSP consoles, will say that there are some problems with playing the games smoothly on the consoles. Seeing competitors fare better with more handy and comfortable devices, Sony tried again and succeeded. The PSP 3000 model was considered as one of the best models in the whole PSP range. The model was made to look better as there was a larger and brighter LCD display screen for the game players. And there was an ability to connect it, and play the PSP games on the different platforms quite smoothly and leisurely.

But the title was not to last. PSP 3000 might have been the definitive portable console from Sony. But it was soon replaced by the next PSP version called the PSPGo. This PSP model was launched by Sony in the midst of the 2009. The launch of this model seemed to confirm Sony’s supremacy in the world of portable console gaming. The internal memory facility allowed people to simply play games which have been installed as a part of the internal memory of the console device. But while it is quite advantageous, and the pick of the pack, the PSPGo had one pitfall. The people had to install special and exclusive PSPGo games to enjoy the features of the Sony PSPGo.

And now, a new PSP version has been launched as well. This is the PS Vita. The PS Vita has some definite advantages and special features of the latest PSP version. The PS Vita has the ability of being connected with the Internet. Through the Internet connectivity, you can download a number of the formatted versions of the popular PS games and so on. So, with these downloaded versions, you can enjoy the PS Vita games. There is also a backwards compatibility. This means that the PS Vita can, and will be used to play the Universal Media Discs for the games on this portable console. So, this has to be the best from Sony.


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