The Impact of Social Games to Our Life

Social networking sites are introducing hundreds of social games to enhance the lives of users. These games are in the form of plug-ins, and users can play them live from the social website. Once you play a game, you can share the results with friends, or request them to join you in the competitions. Millions of users are spending long hours playing social games. Playing social games has had both positive and negative impacts to our life. The following are the impacts of social games to our life:

Kill Boredom

One positive impact of social games is that they kill boredom. People no longer have to sulk in boredom all day. If you do not have people to chat with, you can keep yourself busy playing social games.

Social Gaming is Fun!

Another impact is that they are fun, and thus changing the way people spend their leisure time. You no longer have to hold on to the same hobby you learnt at childhood. Social games are fun to an extent that you will always want to try another one.

Nurturing Skills

Playing social games can nurture vital skills especially in young people. Playing requires your full attention and a keen mind, and this teaches you how to focus and be attentive. Social games also boost your creative thinking and problem solving skills since they often involve a similar task.

Negative Impact of Social Games

However, there are also some negative impacts associated with social games. One of the negative impacts is that they can be addictive. Once a game becomes addictive, it can affect very many processes. If you are a student, you will sacrifice your study time playing social games and this has negative impacts on your grades. If you are an employee, you will spend your day playing social games instead of working, and this will affect your performance, and eventually, the overall profit margin of your company.

Therefore, it is essential for you to plan your time well so that you play only when you have free time. This will rule out any chances of addiction, and ensure that social games impact your life positively.
I have to mention some of the social games that I’ve been playing. All of these games are hosted by Facebook and are designed by social games giant - Zynga. First social game that made me register to Facebook is Farm Town, followed by FarmVille, then here comes CastleVille, and at present Hidden Chronicles.
Just an advice: Don’t become addict with those social games so that you can surely reap the benefits of playing them instead of reaping the negative ones.
Lovelylieze is social media blogger who spends some of her leisure times playing social games from Zynga. Join her with her quests to unravel those hidden objects in Hidden Chronicles with the help of Hidden Chronicles Guide and Hidden Chronicles Energy Cheat as vital resources.


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