Resident Evil Character Reviews

Resident evil is the survival horror game coming under the action-adventure games category. The characters of the survival horror games are fabulous, and are equally better. One such character is of Leon Scott Kennedy, the renowned cop of the Raccoon City. He is an all-time favorite of many. It is the nobleness in him that makes him distinctive and unique than others. Finally, a blend of several idealistic qualities in him made him the best agent in the US Government.

It was Kennedy’s sole decision to join the Raccoon City’s police force. Somewhere, during the last days of his school days, he dreamt of joining the police force. Kennedy joined duty during the T-virus outbreak. Just like everybody has a training session in their job, Kennedy did not have ample time to get adjusted to his new profession. He had that new officer spirit in him to battle the terror faced by the residents. Over the course of time, this courage in him helped him to strategize things skillfully and enthusiastically.

It can easily be assumed that the journey of battling with virus isn’t easy. Despite this, Kennedy knew that he must observe several people to find the causative virus- the people who cannot be trusted. Knowing that it is not a usual virus attack, instead, a biological war that began by some feculent rich people. He was stuck between the dilemma of securing him and all those survivors of terror, while formulating a plan for their rescue. While trying to rescue the people, he is in a way endangering his life, and he needs to protect himself from the virus also.

The baleful biological armament were engineered and produced by the atrocious Umbrella Corporation. But, Leon Scott Kennedy eradicated these baleful weapons that were manufactured with a purpose of annihilating people via T-Virus spread. Kennedy could save the human life, which no one else would have. Hence, the fact that Kennedy was a brave and courageous Cop with inbuilt values of idealism and sincerity to serve mankind cannot be denied.

Just like Leon Scott Kennedy, other Resident evil characters such as Rebecca Chambers, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker too, have interesting characteristics in them that make them exceptional, and assist them in epitomizing their real within. It is them who give life to the games. Any fault seen in their personality; we may not even bother considering them, and love the way we do now.


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