Top 10 Free Online Games Sites - 10 of the Best Online Entertainment Sites

There are thousands of places on the web to play free online games. Every conceivable category of game is represented, and the quality of these games ranges from the superb to the horrible. With so many different places to play free online games, it can be tough for players to know where to spend their valuable time playing. Try this list of the best places to find free games on the Internet, listed in no particular order.


This site offers a wealth of full download games. Many sites out there only offer trial versions of popular games, so this site is a real gem. It is constantly being updated with more game downloads, so this site is one that should be good for years to come.


This is one of the oldest and most trustworthy gaming sites found anywhere online. The site has been up and running for more than nine years, and it offers some of the best premium download games to be found. Players do need to look carefully before they download games here, because some of the downloads are just trial versions.


This site has more than 200 free flash games and more than 150 fully downloadable games from which to choose. The site is very easy to navigate, and the games are separated by genre. Players will find themselves quickly burning through hours of time on this site.

A site with hundreds of game to play in every category, Game Top will always keep players coming back for more. It is a very well organized site.


This site offers a wealth of flash games available in all the top genres. It also offers a nice selection of fast-loading downloadable games.


For those players that like to build up a large collection of game downloads, this site is an absolute treasure. There are hundreds of downloads from which to choose, including many very popular titles.


This is the best site for those looking for games that are suitable for children. There are no violent games here and many great educational titles from which to select.


This site does require players to register before they can play the games. However, once that little chore is taken care of, players will have access to thousands of the most enjoyable games found anywhere on the Internet. There are even games here that players can attempt to win money on.


This site is full of wonderful games in all the popular gaming categories. The slots selection in particular is magnificent. One of the neatest features here is the “Game of the Day,” which is always a high quality game well worth playing. If you enjoy old arcade games then this section of the site in another with loads of fun to play classics like Pacman and Zelda.


This site offers hundreds of the best quality Flash games found anywhere. The range of games available is staggering, and some of them are multi-hour adventure games that are thrilling to play. There aren’t many better Flash options available than this site.
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  1. Good article! I would add Playspace, it’s a totally free online games site available to play via Facebook or downloading the app for Android or iOS. You can find it here: