Five Features That Make BioShock 2 the Mac Game to Play

New Mac games are coming out all the time and they fall into all different categories, and different types of games are for different types of people. The new BioShock 2 game for Mac computers is for a mature audience and for those individuals that enjoy games of the role playing type. BioShock 2 is a continuance of BioShock but with a number of added features. Of course, added features mean higher system requirements, but then again most new games do. The Mac system requirements needed for this game include a 2.0 Gig Processor, a Mac OS X 10.7.2 operating system, 4.0 GB of RAM, 10.0 GB of memory, and 256 MB graphics. Total download size is 8.5 GB, a significant amount of space but worth it if this is the type of game you enjoy playing. And if this is your kind of game, then there are a few additional features that will make this the Mac game for you to play.

Choose from Options That Alter Outcomes

If you have every read books before that require you to decide between certain situations that each determine different outcomes then you can get an idea as to what BioShock 2 is like. Every decision you make in the newest version of the game determines the next choice you will have to make, and it all adds up to a specific outcome. Which outcome you end up with is up to you.

Realistic Characters

Its always cool to have realistic characters, but even more so when you are playing a role playing game. The characters in BioShock 2 resemble real life so much you will feel like you are really them. But be careful, because the enemies are just as real. •

New Enemies

Along with having realistic enemies, there are also plenty of new enemies. This makes the game so much more exciting because you never know what is around the corner. Of course you also don’t know how to fight them either, so this is something you will have to learn.

Multiple Player Mode Options

The only thing better than a great game is being able to play it with all of your friends. Fortunately, BioShock 2 has multiple player mode options, which not only allows you to play with your friends but also allows you to play yourself so that you can get good enough to beat your friends.

New Weapon Options

Finally, one of the best new features is the new repertoire of weapons to choose from. You will have to learn how to use some of them, but it will be worth it if you do, and it will be fun. BioShock has always but a great game but with the new features and improved technology BioShock 2 is even better. I these are the kind of games you like then this is the game to play on your Mac.
Frederick is infographics designer and a member of mac how community.

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