Ken Masters Makeover at Street Fighter 5

Ken Masters was announced to be coming to the new Street Fighter series. V5. Really one who must show up as he is and has been one of the vital characters in the history of the game. Was tremendously surprised he didn't list in the roster of the now beta who features: M Bison, Chunli, Charlie Nash, Cammy White, Ryu, and Birdie

Now in this new get up. Ken won't be wearing his usual red gi. Well, at least not all red. Part of his top is black, red bottoms. Seems like he has spent hours at the beach and his skin is tanned. Perhaps looking like he is getting to be a bad guy for some people. I mean look at Akuma's skin. Now his hair: a complete different hairdo from all other Street Fighter games. More stylish.

Some people like change, and some don't. Might not be case that everyone will like the new and improved Ken Masters look, but I think most will likely do. His fighting move set is also mostly different from ryu.

Fighting game afficionados will be on alert for more information Capcom will reveal on SF5. As it stands; Street Fighter 5 will be released on Spring 2016. Exclusively available for the Playstation 4, and Windows PCs

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