Final Fantasy XIV Tips: Quests And Gil Making

You might have just started to play Final Fantasy XIV. Perhaps a bit of a walkthrought is what you are looking for to help you get the hang of the game. Here are some free and useful tips to consider:

Take Quests, Obtain Experience.

You can still level up without taking quests, but it is not suggested, I will tell you why. Grinding is what you are left with. A tedious repetitive, and tough process, which in the end gets super boring, and frustrating. Lesson to learn: take as many quests as possible.

Gil Making: Choose Gathering or Crafting or Other Way

Gil is currency used in the game. It is of most importance because with it you can exchange for gear and items that will help you along the way. Everyone will have certain amount of gil. The more, the better. Choosing to become a professional gatherer or crafter will help in generating more than not choosing to. You should know there are ways around it, too. You can get ffxiv gil by third party sites. Less the hassle, though you need real money to buy. One of the most popular sites that we can point out is this one where you will find the cheapest ffxiv gil available. If you are thinking about it; give them a try today! Happy gaming everyone!

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