Meet Jack Kudos - a Family Friendly Game

JACK KUDOS: Destined for Glory, A Mobile Game

JACK KUDOS: Hippo Jack from South Africa makes his way jumping from one platform to the other. Along the way he collects different types of fruits. Every time a strawberry is picked up, he is awarded with a KUDO. For that reason he is given the name of "Jack Kudos."

JACK KUDOS is in the development stage and asks that you pledge for wonderful rewards or share with the campaign with your awesome friends. Pledge and share at Also, like their Facebook page at Thank you!

A great story in the making.  Here is why:

  • Friendly game for the entire family: The arrival of simple joys of life. Fun packed adventure for everyone with no exceptions!
  • Health oriented: Jack Kudos promotes the consumption of healthy fruits such as bananas, apples and strawberries. Young or old; players will have the urge to taste the delicious fruits while playing the game.  A healthy diet subconsciously implemented in a game.
  • Welcome good vibes: Jack Kudos will teach people to stay positive.  Our desired goals in life are reachable, as long as we take action, don't give up.  Jump to the next level, change our status to a better one, and keep on going.
  • Designed for everyone: Children will love it.  Adults will satisfy the kid inside them and enjoy.  No barriers on tech-know-how, or place around the world.


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