Rise of Zurvivors is an upcoming project. Soon on kickstarter and Steam greenlight

Survivor-Horror is the main theme for this MMORPG game called Rise of Zurvivors (ROZ) coming soon.  You will be able to craft weapons, and other tools, necessary for you to stay alive in the game.  You will choose the role play in your own story.

You are placed on a large open world.  You will need to find a safe place, away from the beasts, or other hostile creatures, in order to avoid getting harmed, or bitten.  Beware the force of nature within the game as you might feel cold, hunger, fear, pain, and sometimes insanity.  If you are harmed, then you will bleed, making you weak.

Get bitten and do nothing about it; You will become one of those infected with a virus; Devouring any living thing in your path.  Not a very good way to play.  Of course you are to avoid becoming infected.  In other words DO NOT BECOME A ZOMBIE!

Need food to eat? If you are by yourself; then hunting will be necessary. If you get sick; then medicine is available at the close-by town.  You'll need to stay active in the game to survive.  Perhaps join a clan or group of people to help each other out.

Below is a sneak pick of Rise of Zurvivors


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