Web Based and Mobile gaming

Online gaming has become a big part of our daily entertainment in our culture.  The most fun video games online are those where you can play with other people. The interaction with other users enhances the experience when playing a game, for some, while others just prefer going solo.  The preferred genres are:

1. First person shooters (FPS): These are the type where the player has the camera view centered on him or her carrying a weapon of some sort.  Be it bare fist or the most sophisticated weapons known to humanity.  Explore and fight are mostly are the main theme here.

2. Strategy games: The name says it all.  You have to carry out a plan in order to win, and defeat the opponent.

3. Massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG): Quite a long title and its massive because these are platforms where  huge amount of people can play simultaneously. Usually a virtual world where objectives, or winning conditions will be depending according to the game rules.

With a whole lot of folks carrying smartphones, or mobile devices which support gaming, having the ability to download, and play many types of games is easy to do.


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