Are You PSP Crazy?

Sony's PSP has revolutionized the way we look at portable gaming. The Playstation Portable is the greatest handheld game device up to date. No handhelds can do the kind of media the PSP can do. In terms of quality in games, viewing videos, sharing pictures, playing tunes, and browsing the internet, the PSP is the leader in my book.

The game library for the PSP is growing, and growing every day; thus making it a richer handheld device. There’s got to be something interesting on the PSP out there for even the pickiest game player.

I got my PSP two years ago and still love it like the day when I first bought it. I would not trade it for any other handheld game system. I can say for sure, I give it a daily usage, to get myself entertained when there is nothing better to do. Nice to know I have it ready on the go, or just as an alternative to playing my PS3 when I am indoors.

I have many games stored in my PSP. Being able to play Emulators is without a doubt one of the best things that happened to the PSP. Yes, I am PSP crazy. I have even replaced my attention I had for my PS2 to my PSP. I have been on the internet finding out more about it, reading reviews, news, gossip on what is happening, new applications being develop, and more stuff. That of which makes me think, I am not the only PSP crazy here, but also all the ones who develop homebrew games, for example, and of course all the players who have the passion for the PSP’s capability. Haha!


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