PSP: Burnout Legends (Review)

Burnout Legends is a car driving game. I am not new to this genre, but this certainly felt that way. Wow!! It is so intense, your heart will pump very fast then it will suddenly stop!!! Some reasons why I like this game:

  1. Slow motion chaos! Once you crash or take down any of your opponents, the camera goes into detail mode. Zooming in on the aftermath with slow motion pressing in the R button.
  2. Taking down, or in other words making your opponents crash gives you extra boost. So as opposite of other driving games where avoiding contact is best way to go, in this game does not apply. So hit as many racing cars as you can, you have a better chance at winning. Haha.
  3. Unlock cool racing cars. It is really easy; just win a gold medal of any of the playing modes which are: Race, Road Rage, Face-Off, Eliminator, Pursuit and others.
The action is very fast, so look at the video below to get the idea.

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