PSP: Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (Review)

There are hundreds of Role Playing Games for all gaming systems, and while I do enjoy an RPG now and then, my selection is very picky. I have to say that this game is very interesting and I did get to enjoy it in its entirety.

The fact of the matter is that most of the RPG’s I have come to know or herd of have the main hero of course, but it is usually a male hero. Rarely will we see a female character playing the main role. I think that most game developers think that video games in general are played by male audiences and so the usual male hero for almost all RPGs and for other game genres too. I wished this wasn’t true, but for those who disagree, please educate me.

Well then, let’s talk about the game. Lenneth is her name; she is a Valkyrie and also known as the Battle Maiden. She lives in Asgard, where the Gods live. But Asgard will soon be under attack by their enemies. And so the end of the world or also known as Ragnarok will happen unless the troops who defend Asgard are strong in number and fighting skill.

Lenneth’s mission is to go to Midgard, a mortal place (kinda like earth), get to know the people. Collect the strongest warriors by resurrecting them when they die. These have to be righteous fighters, who have a good sense of justice. Then, she would need to train them in the story, and send them to Asgard’s gates as new soldiers for Asgard. To do this task well, you need to send the chosen ones as strong as they can be. In battles they gain experience points which you use to power up anyone of your group.

This game is great; I loved it from beginning to end. Especially the battle system is cool and wonderful 3d rendering scenes. I recommend this to every PSP RPG player!! ^_^

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