PSP: DBZ Shin Budokai 2 (Review)

Powerhouse of a game, DBZ Shink Budokai 2 for PSP delivers amazing fighting action. Maybe I do find it interesting because I have always been a fan of the animated series. That is why I recommend this game to all DBZ fans.

Be quick and alert as you fight your opponents. The action is so fast you wont believe your eyes, and it is very important to maintain and gather ki energy. You spend more ki energy than what you have and you are in serious trouble. Dodging and blocking attacks are a big part of this game too.

Love the cell shaded characters and the anime like atmosphere. Lots of characters to choose from, and even though they missed a few I wish were there, does not do much damage to my review.

Options of play include the Story Mode of course which goes by the name of Another Road, Arcade, Z Trial, Network Battle, and Practice. As you fight and win battles you earn Zenie which you can later use for buying extra content in the game.


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