PSP Emulations: Super Mario World (Review)

This just shows how old of a gamer I am. Hehe! Back in the day when Super Nintendo was the hottest gaming system in the world. There wasn’t even any Sony Playstation back then, and so Nintendo was king because of the lack of competition.

So many Mario series out there, I don’t even want to mention because I know I will mess up on the count. Super Mario World was a really good game to play in its days of glory and for many people was the game that introduced the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), much like the first Mario Bros. introduced the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

What was so great about Super Mario World? Well, you name it, the controls, the stage secrets, Yoshi, castle missions, ghost house missions, under wSater missions and much more…I can’t say how many different stages there are here, but trust me it can very well keep you going and playing for hours and hours and you will probably will forget to count one or more hidden stages.

With the PSP emulating any SNES games, I can never let go of playing those games I used to play long ago.


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