PSP Emulations: Samurai Showdown 2 (Review)

Samurai Showdown 2 is a Weapon’s fighting game and much like the first and original Samurai Showdown, we see improvements here on the sequel. I especially like the new characters added to the game. Kibagami Genguro (as seen on the video below) is a personal favorite, much because of his style of fighting and cool confident attitude.

Another improvement feature I saw in this game that wasn’t on the original, is the special deadly attacks, in which the aggressor doing the special attack breaks the opponent’s weapon while doing heavy damage. Although the weapon comes to play in a few moments later, the weaponless fighter stands at a disadvange for that period of time. Blocking hard slashes always takes health energy away for those without their weapon.

In this game there are 15 characters in all, plus the final boss which is really hard. To beat her you will need to be sharp skilled, and a big potion of luck. Haha ^_^

This game is definitely an old timer, I remember playing it at the local liquor store quite a few years ago, but it has not gone out of style in my book. And now on the PSP I can emulate it, and play it whenever I want.


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