PSP Emulations: Garou-Mark of The Wolves (Review)

Garou-Mark of The Wolves is another Neo Geo title, which I believe comes from the same family as Fatal Fury. Its falls on the 2d fighting genre and ranks high up there with the King Of Fighters series.

The characters animation and design are well done and the scenery on where the fights take place is not left behind. This is a one on one fight against your human opponent via ad hock, or just against the CPU.

Accumulate power and perform a 1 or 2 level devastating move on your opponent. Set you T.O.P. either at be beginning, middle or end of your health bar to do more damage when you are at that level of health power.

I really recommend playing this game to all players who enjoy fighting games and are also King Of Fighters fans.


  1. Hey. thanks for the upload, but i have a little problem and thought u could maybe help me:
    in the game i somehow cant choose kain and grant. codes dont work and pressing right whith rock highligted etc. so could that be because the title says prototype or am i doing something wrong?
    would really apreaciate ur help^^

  2. seyu:
    kain and grant are the bosses, and although i know in the arcade some are able to perform a trick to choose them. dunno about this rom... yea... maybe there are other roms for this game and you could probably choose the bosses too.

    i havent got around to it.
    well, thank you for your comment. I apprecite it much :D

  3. my pleasure^^
    i figured it out myself now after playing around with the emulator.
    switching the machine mode to console or arcade(the default is nothing) lets u use the last two guys. i never even knew the neogeo had both versions...
    just in case you didnt know that^^"

  4. seyu:

    that is good to know. hehe! thanks!

  5. where is the link? D: