Samurai Showdown Anthology For PSP (late this year 2008)

Samurai Showdown Anthology, the collection of the Samurai Showdown franchise packed in a single game will be released later in this year (2008) for many video game consoles including our great PSP. My guess is late October, or early November, but I read somewhere it will be out in the 4th quarter 2008. There will be 7 games included here: Samurai Showdown (original), SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, SS5 Especial Edition, and SS6.

Now, I will probably not buy this game, even though, I am a really a huge fan of all the Samurai Showdown series. Why? Because I do have my NEO GEO Emulator set up on my PSP, and I can play these games whenever I feel like it. See my post and video here!!

On the other hand I do recommend this game for fans that do not have Homebrew on their PSP. I can understand that Homebrew is not for everyone. The reason I think that way is because I know PSP game developers need to get paid too for their hard work too. Otherwise it would not be fair; thus the need for the UMD buyers. Hopefully that made sense. If not, then my English really needs work, as much my game addiction. Haha!! :D


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