PSP VS Nintendo DS (battle of the handhelds)

Which handheld is better, the PSP or the DS? I can only give you my opinion, having both the PSP and the DS systems, I choose PSP. Here is my top the reason why: The PSP is not only a gaming system. It is really an excellent media player too. I love watching movies, listening to music, downloading, saving and viewing pictures from the internet among many other functions that only the PSP can do.

The PSP got a rough start selling worldwide than the DS. I think most of it was due because of the price sticker on it. Yes, it’s more expensive than buying the DS. It is true when they say “you get what you pay for” because I can do way more stuff on the PSP than on the DS. The DS is really good at games, I will give you that, but that is it; nothing else. Searching for what is better now PSP or DS, you will actually see that the PSP is now taking in more customers than any other popular gaming system today. This is really true, believe me, I did the research. When DS has nothing planned for the future, but just coming up with games or even great games at that, the PSP is doing the same, plus coming up with great innovative ad-ons accessories like GO! Cam, and Sony PSP 1-Seg digital TV Turner just to name some.

The above chart is accurate in Japan and I do believe it should not have much difference from that of the rest of the world chart. It is current as of May 2008. More here!

Which Portable is best for you? DS or PSP? Comment-reply.


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