PSP 3000 Pricing

Talking about the new PSP model 3000 coming soon to North America, you would be surprised to know that those people at Sony are a bit money hungry. It is rumored that the new models are going to be slightly more expensive than the 2000 slim versions. Yes, I acknowledge that PSP 3000 is an improved model with built in mic, and better screen, color resolution, but, with the public might just want to be able to afford a portable gaming system. 15 USD or 20 USD more make a huge difference. They might reach over the $200 dollar mark on the U.S. I think we might see some PSP sales drop for a bit, until the price on these units drop down to a much fair price.

In my case, I have the 1000 model, I was thinking of getting the slim soon, but now I think I will wait till 3000 has come out and has dropped the price a bit; who knows, that could take as little as a month, or as long as year.


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