PSP Emulations: King Of Fighters 96 (Review)

King Of Fighters 96 has a few changes from the previous 95 tournament. For example, Yuri is now in instead of Takuma, there are now 9 teams instead of 8, Leona replaced Heidern, Kazumi Todo a newcomer, she is in the girls team, replacing Yuri, and Iori has new team mates: Mature, and Vice.

There is a big shots team, the new team composed of Geese Howard, Mr. Big, and Wolfgang Krauser.

Overall this is a great game to practice your fighting skills and special moves, was really one to look for when it first arrived in my town in fall 1996. With the PSP anyone who has CFW can emulate it and remember how you kicked a$$ more than a decade ago.


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