PSP: Dinner Dash (Review)

This is another game that falls into the puzzle genre. Dinner Dash is really good and entertaining. Thou I must warn you! You have to be really fast with those fingers to keep up with the game.

I could understand that sometimes a small diner might just need 2 persons: the cook and the waitress, but with the clients building up, you will need more employees to help out with the costumers. Not in this game, it doesn’t work like that. Good luck trying to serve 50 + people in a work’s shift and you are the waitress Flo, who will take full responsibilities of all the costumers coming in and leaving the dinner.

The object of the game is to earn as much as possible in a day’s work. The happiest the costumer, the better they tip. With Flo running around getting the food, mopping the floor, serving drinks, giving the check, cleaning the tables, getting the baby’s chair, and other tasks, it could be quite overwhelming, but not impossible.

Overall this game ranks high, as opposed to other puzzle games I have seen for the PSP. I hope you enjoy it as much I have.


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