PSP Pipe Mania Review PSP Gameplay

Pipe Mania for PSP is a great puzzle game I have enjoyed. It looks simple, and in fact, I'd say the rules are just plain simple, gameplay and the required ability to make good use of the pipe shapes to carry the water to the drainage and get a really good score requires much intelligence. Not mentioning that there are other factors to consider. Like for example the working around obstacles and the such.

To be honest, I got this game just out of curiosity. I did not expect this was going to be at the least interesting. I was wrong! this game is lots of fun for all ages. I should say so, I have played so many puzzle games I can't even count them all. About the Pipe Mania: You either play as Junior (the boy) or Fawcett (Junior's sister, the girl). There are four play modes: 1. World. 2. Arcade. 3. Bonus. and 4. Classic. at the very beginning you will only be able to play World.

O.k. so I have made this game available for download here as its not a huge file to download. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am. Mind if you want to get this running on your PSP you need custom firmware. If you already do have it installed in your PSP, follow the simple instructions below:

Get official UMD here: Pipe Mania PSP


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