Lego Batman PSP Review

Lego Batman packs a good super punch of action adventure. It has great dynamics and combines good sense of humor to it too. This is a great game lots of kids should enjoy. although I often found myself stuck on what to do next. See, there are certain things you must do to keep on going at a stage.

I love the animated cut scenes, although you know if they were made out of Legos, then they all looked cubic. Kinda bothered me that there were no boobs on the females like Poison Ivy and Cat Woman haha!!

There are a bunch of bad guys, so it will keep Batman and Robin quite busy defeating each and everyone of them. Clay Face is up first, and there is also the Penguin, Joker, Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, Scar Face, Mr. Freeze, and the Riddler to mention a few.

The other thing this game has is no voice actors (on cut animated scenes), just humming, mumbling, I don't know how you call it, but its great to keep it simple, but often I was wondering what they were trying to say if these Legos had voices. My favorite scene is at the beginning when the dynamic duo is at the top of a building overlooking the bad guys down at the street level, then Robin takes a jump from the top of the building to the street and hurting himself, while Batman simply takes the firescape stairs. hahaha! hilarious!! This is definitely a keeper!

Get official UMD here: PSP LEGO Batman


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