Crimsongem Saga Review

Crimsongem Saga for the PSP or otherwise called Garnet Chronical in Japan is just plain text book game when it comes to Role Playing Games (RPG). My favorite part so far, has been just the battle system; plain simple yet effective. I have yet to do much exploration of the game. I am recently on the third quest which is to find ExGuard Office that is at the southeast of the village where the game actually starts.

Leveling up here is quite easy, or so it seems at the very beginning of the game. The most important thing here is to remember when you are in a place where there are monsters, make sure or at least try to get behind them and make contact, that way you will have an advantage as you will hit first, and so having the upper advantage of the battle. Besides just simple attacks (as most RPGs)there are also skills that you learn as you go on your quest.

The graphics are beautiful and the entrance movie is amazing, and one worth watching. I guess the only thing I had wished for, that would maybe have improved this game, was voice acting. Much like in Star Ocean: First Departure where all or most of the important dialog was written and also spoken. I think that made the story much understandable for SOFD. I will probably post more on this game as when I have gone further in its story. So, far I like what I am seen in this game and recommend it for RPG players of all ages!!

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  1. Ive played an loved the first game this felt really bad the colour an tone of the game looked horrible when i played it felt like chucking it in the rubbish I put astonisha story back in and played that.

    its like there trying to copy the battle system off a nother familiar rpg
    if u think this was bad then play the first one it has a story that will make u want to keep playing