Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 PSP Review

Pro Evolution Soccer 09 developed and published by Konami was just recently released (early November 2008), I got to play this game and also FIFA 2009. Both games about soccer, but different in game-play options and stuff. What I like about Pro Evolution Soccer 09 is the great details on the 3D graphics. I also love the playback feature. It is one of the best features of the game. controls are kept simple and easy for anyone to play like a pro. I just notice that for movement on this game, you have the option of choosing the directional pad (cross) or the joystick. When using the directional pad and trying to aim at the goal when close, its kinda hard. Most of my shots were really off, but using the joystick was much easier. So I do recommend using the joystick on this game as you will have more control on the goal shots and stuff.

On the video below I show my skills after just playing it for half an hour or so, haha!. Yea, I choose beginner level, so its quite easy to score here. This game brakes the language barriers as you can choose from English, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish. Main game modes are:

1. Match
2. Become a Legend
3. Master League
4. League
5. Cup, and More...

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  1. if you had played the hard way never would have done 2 goals in Brazil playing with the USA