Tom Clancy's EndWar PSP Review

Tom Clancy's EndWar for the PSP falls in the tactics/strategy category of games. It is amazing and fun to play. Here you will have many types of units on your command including: missile launchers(ground unit) , fighter jets(air unit), submarines(water units), and a whole lot more. Terrain and unit positioning play a big role in this game. Consider also knowledge of unit's properties such a movement range and factor of defense. There is practically two faces of the game: 1. Movement phase and 2. Action phase (mostly used for attacking). I especially liked the "gain experience" feature, which allows your units to upgrade and receive star medals (up to 5) as they defeat and wipe out the enemy. Another great part of the game is the military buildings which you can use to produce units, and/or make unit repairs if they belong to you. If they don't belong to you, then you can take over the building by sending infantry to capture them (some battles are won this way too).

Overall Tom Clancy's EndWar for PSP is lots of great strategic entertainment you can really get hooked on. I personally give this game a 9 out of 10. because the only thing that bugged me I guess was the annoying static screen during simulation phase. Should have kept it clear and would have been much better. The fact that there is an extensive tutorial built-in is a great plus and sure makes it worth buying.


  1. this game SUCKS! have you ever even played it? try the console version.

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