PSP 3000

The Playstation portable (PSP) model 3000 is out in U.S. stores now. The PSP 1000 was released in the early 2005 in the U.S. Then came PSP model 2000 (slim and light) which was released on September 2007, and the PSP 1000 model got the "fat" title. Now, the PSP 3000 are stocked on shelves in U. S. stores everywhere as its realeased was late October 2008. The PSP is the first portable game console that uses Optical Disc Format, (Universal Media Disc, UMD) for storage. It is one of the best, if not the best portable gaming system in the world. The library of games for the PSP is huge, and keeps on growing, month after months.

The great new features incorporated to the PSP 3000 model is the LCD screen, much clearer and high defined than older PSP models. Also adds the built-in microphone, and expanded video out, which is a great sharing feature. Let's say you want to play your PSP games, or watch that video you like, view pictures, or music on your TV. You can actually do that and let everyone see whatever media you have on the PSP on a big screen TV.

Sony has really outdone themselves with new high top notch gadget. There is so much the PSP can do media wise, you can actually get hooked on it, and never leave home without it!!!


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