Monster Jam: Urban Assault PSP Review

Heavy metal destruction trucks are featured here and the more demolition on those puny little cars (or whatever is in your way), the better and more points you get. haha!! Unleash havoc on city escapes or just about any type of surface. Monster Jam: Urban Assault features all time favorite trucks such as Grave digger, Scarlet Bandit (Pink color truck lol), and Maximum Destruction just to name a few. There are many options on game-play modes. Some similar but not the same. I have made the list on game play mode here:

1. Championship (a)
2. Quick Action (b)
3. Multi-player

---World Series

---Race Circuit (shows video)
---Head to Head
---Monster Jump
---Skill Jump
---Air Strike
---Stadium Racing

There is also the Multi-player mode to challenge your PSP buddy. And last but not least is the Showroom section where you can view the movies you have unlocked. I think the game dynamics are very good. I especially love the ramps that make you go airborne. Its really cool. Monster Jam: Urban Assault is developed by Torus Games, published by Activision, and was released on October 28, 2008.


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