PSP Games And Media Update #2

Wow! :o For people following my blog, I apologize for my blog being down a few days, 8 days to be exact. It seems blogger took it down because according to them their robots detected spam activity on my blog. which is not true at all. I have worked hard to get the content I post here. It's original and found nowhere else in the internet. When I find a topic to talk about that is important to me as a PSP gamer, I talk about it here. It is not duplicate content from other sites because I expose my own opinion.

Well, anyway I am so glad my blog is back, and hope not to go trough that again. I was kinda feeling down these days that my blog had been disabled. I don't have a back up of my blog in case something goes wrong. I was thinking of having a back up right before blogger disabled my blog, but then I thought "what could go wrong?". Well, now I am warned.

Thank you all for visiting me, it is a pleasure having a good audience. :D


  1. Glad to see you're back! :D

  2. Just get yourself a good hosting service, get Wordpress+Template (or ask a webdesigner to make a cool system+unique layout) and there, you will have access to everything AND SQL backups :)

    ur site is cool, glad ur back.