Another PSP 3000 Hacked Video

I am amazed on how many people want to upload videos in which they show that the PSP 3000 is finally hacked. And I can honestly say... I really have doubts about it, but do not discard the possibility of the authenticity of the video showed here.

This PSP supposedly goes into homebrew mode via tiff exploit. Maybe it is a new beginning for PSP 3000 to have CFW, but certainly something we can all expect in the not so far future. Look at the "System Software" at minute 1:19... Does that say "5.03 Chick Hen" or something.... looks kinda blurry even on HQ. :r

Any doubters? Complain to the owner of the video... but, if I had not seen so many fake videos I would give 100% credibility to this video. What do you guys think? Fake or Legit? Please comment-reply


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