PSP Games Of 2nd Quarter 2009, Interesting Picks!!

Here are some of the PSP titles for the 2nd quarter that have very good looking appeal to me to play... some of which I have got my hands on, like X-men Origins: Wolverine (excellent pick), Mytran Wars, Crimson Gem Saga, and Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce. The rest on the list, I have not played, until their perspective released date.

So here is my list again from left to right, top to bottom:

1. Indiana Jones And The Staff Of Kings
2. Crimsom Gem Saga
3. Mytran Wars
4. Class Of Heroes
5. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
6. PDC World Championship Darts
7. Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite
8. Pangya: Fantasy Golf
9. Rock Band Unplugged
10. Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce
11. Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament
12. X-men Origings: Wolverine

What is your favorite, or thinking of any that you might just get? Please comment-reply! have a good day :D


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