Disgaea 2. Dark Hero Days. PSP Gameplay Review

Disgaea 2, Dark Hero Days for the PSP sure is entertaining. The customization here plays a big part for the tremendous, long, roster list of characters. Some that will be familiar to you, if ever played the first Disgaea game. I love the almost endless power a certain character can obtain. I also like the different combo attack techniques.

I think Disgaea 2 could have been better though. I mean the graphics stayed the same from the first one. A little improvement on more defined character graphics could have gone a long way for this game. Could say that it might also be very repetitive. For the leveling up of a certain character, you might be spending too much time doing battles after battles of the same kind, and killing the same looking foes over and over.

Nevertheless, with all the critique it gets, I say it's still a good game to play if you are into strategy-role playing.


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