Crimson Room Reverse PSP Gameplay

I am not really sure if Crimson Room Reverse here is part of the PSP mini game family. It would seem to me that it could be. About the game: It is fantastic, really creepy sometimes, and almost reminds me of "resident evil" a little. There are many clues you need to do something. Here the main objective is to find a way out of the room. Counting you do not have the key for the door and you can't open it from the inside. Instead you look around the room for anything that might help you get the door open, so you can exit out of it.

This game could be very well addicting, and kinda scary sometimes with the sound, and human skeletons (seen later in other room). You can sometimes only hear the sound of the buttons being pressed to your PSP, Just like in the video above. lol. I really do recommend Crimson Room Reverse. It is extremely intriguing and very fun.


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