Learn How to Play Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is a musical video game tailored to be played on Xbox 360, Nintendo WII, Playstation 3 and Playstation 2. Guitar Hero is based on rhythm and rock legends who are transformed into fantasy type warrior as they are engaged by players. It contains over ninety (90) classic rock songs, one thousand (1000) different challenges, a guitar modelled controller, enhanced game play and a combination of many instruments. Despite the guitar modelled controller however, one does not have to be a musician to play guitar hero. One does however have to have an appreciation and basic understanding of rhythm and clever fingers in order to manipulate the guitar styled controller and play in time with the games music. An appreciation for the songs in the game is equally as useful.

Tools Required

  • One of the following consoles/players:
  • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo WII
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 2

Materials Required

  • A copy of the Guitar Hero game


  1. Familiarize oneself with the guitar modelled controller. Mastering the guitar modelled controller is crucial to successfully playing Guitar Hero. The first step towards playing Guitar Hero is to become familiar with the guitar modelled controller. It is important to become aware of the different parts of the controller such as the strum bar - the two-directional switch in the centre of the guitar. There are five (5) colored fret buttons on the neck of the guitar and by pressing various combinations of these said buttons one can play different notes. Another feature is a whammy bar that can be used to produce an elongated sound. There are also two (2) fake buttons that appear to be volume and tone knobs.
  2. Turn on necessary equipment. To start playing Guitar Hero, first connect the guitar modelled controller to the console/player. Next turn on the TV, ensuring that the volume in especially if your television sound in wired through a sound system. In the case of the latter, the sound system will also have to be turned on. Turn on the console/player and insert the game disk into the disk tray.
  3. Familiarize oneself with the features of the game. It is important to become familiar with the features of the game itself such as the menu options: Career, Quick play, Multiplayer Framing and options.
  4. Practice a few songs. To start practising using the guitar controller, begin in easy mode with the easiest songs, generally located at the top of the song set. One can start playing the easy mode so as to become more familiar with controller as it relates to the different songs.
  5. Go on to career mode. As one continues to improve at playing Guitar Hero, one can now move from easy mode to career mode. In career mode, when playing for the first time, one will be required to create a band name. This is not a very serious matter and so your band name can be as creative and or as silly as one wishes it to be.
  6. Use advanced techniques. As one who has already mastered the easy mode and is becoming increasingly comfortable with career mode, one can begin to employ some of the advanced techniques of the Guitar Hero game. Such techniques include Star Power, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs and Whammying.

Tips and Warnings

  • Guitar Hero is rated teen and contains mild fantasy violence.
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