Best 7 Capcom Games Ever On The Playstation Portable (PSP)

Here is a glimpse of the 7 very popular Capcom games that users can play on their PSP handheld device.  Also very rare to find, because some are ISOs from the original playstation 1 console. Others imported and emulated.

1. Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of The SuperHeroes:

When superheroes tend to fight each other, there is lots of fun in store for those who tend to follow their activities and know about their superpowers. It is the fighting genre and is based on the 1990s animated series that have won the hearts of the gamers. Since the Marvel Comics have a huge reach amongst the audiences, it is easy for the games that are based on it to become very popular with the audiences at large, so as to ensure that these engage them intellectually and kinesthetically as well. There are several playable characters to ensure to kill boredom in users.

2. Super Street Fighter II Turbo:

This is the arcade game that was initially released in the 1990s and the current one is considered to be the fifth version of the game that has the concept of street fighting between up to two players simultaneously across the internet. There are super combos that have power packed moves for the gamers, air combos that tend to allow users to juggle their opponents and various other features that have made this game very popular amongst its users. It has become so realistic and the persons who play on them tends to get glued to it with the novel moves and the hidden and recurring character as well.

3. Megaman 2: Powered up:

Being an action packed game that tends to be the sequel of the initial version called as Megaman, this is the game wherein the users would have to play the role of Megaman, who was originally created by Dr. Light and have to seek and destroy the eight Robot Masters that have varied levels of expertise as have been created by Dr. Wily, who is the primary antagonist of the plot. The winner would emerge once they find out and destroy the rogue robots that are marauding in nature.

4. Viewtiful Joe:

This is a beat ‘em up type of video games that has the side scrolling features. The players are not indulged in single, but several activities, such as in the case of committing to the combat, as well as strategizing and using their VFX powers to solve the various puzzles thereby slowing down or speeding up the play time. This would engage the users to the fullest extent and have them glued to the games to complete them effectively.

5. Devil May Cry

For those who love to combat the whole of sinister clan that are bloodthirsty and have killed the mother of the actual hero of the game, Devil May Cry that is intended to be a sequel in the series of Resident Evil allows the users with the variety of elements that they can make use of and fight off the various demonic creatures. There are various types of combats and the extended fighting lines that ensures to grab the positive attention of the gamers and engage them completely, which would mean they receive the visual inputs with the high resolution graphics, better audio effects and the kinesthetic appeal with the commands.

6. Resident Evil 4

With the success of the movies where the protagonist has to hunt down and kill the zombies, the game version has also made it to the homes of the gamers and has become equally famous as well. Here the player controls and becomes the protagonist who is named as the special agent Leon S. Kennedy who is on the rescue mission to bring back Ashley Graham, since she has been kidnapped by the sinister cult. With the arms in hand and exciting graphics, this game has become very popular amongst the gamers around the world.

7. Strider 

This is also one of the platform games that tend to have the side scrolling features to ensure that they entice the attention of the users. A mysterious dictator who is named as “Grandmaster” is ruling somewhere in 2048 and the protagonist, who is part of the ninja-like clan would have to go to every possible extend to locate the Grandmaster and assassinate him as per the assignment that he is in. There is several action packed sequences awaiting the players in this game.


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