Subway Surf 3D 2017

Its not that often we gamers get to see beautiful-graphics game apps nowadays.  A good adventure game which will challenge you in your reaction time and reflexes as well as being fun, and entertaining at the same time;  Such is the case for Subway Surf 3D.  One free game app that will do exactly that.  Its fast paced as you can probably tell from the images shown here.

Subway Surf 3D has amazing colorful graphics.  As you can tell by the title it all takes place at the subway where there are trains running.  You ride in your skateboard at very fast speeds... but wait.  If you actually did that would be considered illegal.  No worries; Its a video game.  And so the policemen and inspectors inside the game will be after you to make you stop.  Avoid them and see if your score can go higher and higher collecting those cool shiny coins.  Watch out for obstacles cause they could end your run.  Now see how long you last running, and how long you will be playing this game.  You won't give up that easy after a few game overs; right?  Its right addicting, and lots of fun.

Check out the official web page here for more info and free download :)


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