PSP Guilty Gear: Judgment (Review)

Guilty Gear: Judgment is a 2d fighting game for the PSP. This game is actually 2 games in one (Judgment, and X2 The Midnight Carnival). You choose at the beginning of the game which you want to play. They have similar character selection, with the difference on the options of play. X2 The Midnight Carnival has Arcade, M.O.M, Multiplayer, Vs CPU, and Survival. Judgment has, Story Mode, Survival, and 2 player co-op.

I played the Story mode, and I think it’s the most fun for me; it is a platform game in which you got to beat many enemies up, going to different stages. Some on which there will be a boss at the end. Watch out, because these are hard.

Ok I like this game, but not as much as some other in the fighting genre.

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