PSP Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII (Review)

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII is a role playing game (RPG) for the PSP. I started playing this game just a few days back, so I will retract to talk about the story, because as you can see also in the video, I still have not finished the game, just starting. I will add more to this post as I find out more about it, playing it.

Do I like it so far? Well, yes but there are some things that bother me about the game. The cut scenes and voice acting is superb, as well as graphics of the very nice detailed 3d model characters. The main character is Zack. Who the hell is Zack? If he indeed was a character in FFVII I really don’t remember. Nevertheless He is there and a few of our unforgettable FFVII characters, like for example, Tifa, Sephiroth, and Cloud.

The battle system is very unique and we also see similar elements, like using materia, and limit breaks. The battle system is real-time, so there’s no waiting and taking turns,just press the buttons as fast as you can, or else you are just wasting time and getting hit by your enemies. It is not my preferred way to do battle, but maybe it will get interesting later on, when I am ahead in the game. I think I got used to controlling a bunch of people when doing battle, but so far, Zack has been the only one doing any kind of battle.

I am interested to hear what anyone has to say about playing this game, feel free to leave a comment here and give some feedback. That is all for now.

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  1. Cool blog mate, like your reviews :) Zack was talked about very briefly if you spoke to one of the villagers in the small forrest near Nibleheim, as a 2nd Class SOLDIER.

  2. Zack was in a few flashbacks, as cloud regained his true memories of the nibelheim reactor incedent, he discovered that the one there was in fact Zack (Zack, not Zack Fair...yet), rather than himself, though he was there on the sidelines under guise of helmet. He mentioned having any real emotional connections to Zack only once when he said something along the lines of "I had heard stories from my friend Zack, and i took on those stories..." etc. but yes, ther were quite a few screens with Zack and his spiky hair, though this was early concept of Zack, when his hair was longer and spikier, but he is definitely a recognisable character. C=