PSP Gradius Collection (Review)

Are you into shooting games, then you will like Gradius Collection for the PSP. For me, it is a little monotonous. I mean, I can play it for a certain period of time, but not too much because it bores me. I don’t mean to give this a bad review. I just think that this collection is practically the same games with a little modification, and has nothing to look forward to.

One thing noticing about the game that bugged me was that it is not so good to keep collecting speed. See, the more speed you have the harder is to control. If you tap up for avoiding enemies, then boom you crashed on the ceiling of the screen. Ha! Not everything here is at lost though, if you save the game where you are, with lots of weapons attached, and die, you can load the game and be at that same place, with all the equipped weapons. That is what I am doing to get to end of the game, haha!

I really suck playing this game as you can see on this video. Loading game is my only option to stand a chance. lol!

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