PSP: Gottlieb Pinball Classics (Review)

Gottlieb Pinball Classics is definitely entertaining, but really bad with the info. I am not interested on history of the pinball title and other specs. All I really want is kick ass and get a super high score and earn credits!

I was never a good pinball player at the arcade. In fact, I can remember playing them only a few times in my entire life. This game got my interest because I had lack the experience to play the real thing.

There are 11 tables here, and most very interesting except the ones that don’t seem like games. For example, Love Meter or Xolten, what a waste of time and credits!!. Some machines are super challenging and hard to earn credits on. I have always thought that pinball machines are games of little skill required and big in the luck factor department.

As you play the game and get high scores, you earn credits and free plays on other pinball machines. The main goal is to unlock all the pinball machines.

Ps. Little secret spoiler: I found out that the machine more rewarding and easy to earn credits on is Big Shot. Good luck!!


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