PSP: Tekken Dark Resurrection (Review)

Fighting genre: 3d graphics and a real good game play, this game here really packs a punch. I have played many 3d fighting games on the PSP and this title wins over the competition and I will give the reasons why:

  1. The renderings are so beautiful, every little detail counts when it comes to character costume, face features, anatomy, and scenery.
  2. The game play is excellent and the controllers so convenient, 4 buttons for right, left punch, and right, left kick, and not counting the combination of any two which you can customized on options
  3. All the different ways you can play, be either a tournament, the arcade game, the story game, survival, bowling and much, much more.
  4. As you play and win matches you earn credits that let you purchase movies, and accessories for your favorite character to wear, that way you can customized any of the 30+ characters in the game.

So far this has been my preferred game when it comes to 3d fighting game. I really enjoy it and recommend it to anyone who is into this genre.


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