PSP Disidia: Final Fantasy

Disida: Final Fantasy is exclusively for the PSP. Its work is still in progress, but the popularity it has gotten has been overwhelming. It is definitely a super hot game we (Squaresoft, Square Enix fans) all anxiously await. Developed by Square Enix and it is said to be released on December 2008 for Japanese audience. It is still unknown if this game will be launched to the rest of the world. But hopefully it will.

This project comes as a celebration of the Final Fantasy franchise's 20th anniversary. The game basically is a one-on-one battle on a 3D environment. What's so cool about it is that the battleground looks very spacious as I saw the trailer down below, and the attack moves are cool accordingly to the specific character on their original Final Fantasy game. The Characters are a handful and picked from some of the past Final Fantasy series. Although I have not played all FF series the ones that come to my mind are: Onion Knight, Sephiroth, Squall Lionheart, Ultimecia, and Tidus. For a more wide info on the this game go here!


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